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Fanuchi – Something With Love (EP)

Talented singer Fanuchi has unveiled a symphonic body of work titled “Something With Love EP,” featuring six tracks. The EP includes the songs “Feel Good,” “Expensive Things,” “Final,” “Finest” featuring Eirn, “Government,” and “Magician.” Hailing from Kwande in Benue State, Fanuchi, a Transmute Records talent, is gaining recognition and influence in the music scene.

Each track in the EP showcases Fanuchi’s musical prowess and ability to convey relatable themes. From the feel-good vibes of “Feel Good” to the collaboration with Eirn on “Finest,” Fanuchi demonstrates his versatility and understanding of different musical styles.

For those who appreciate soulful and diverse sounds, Fanuchi’s “Something With Love EP” is a must-listen. Stay tuned as Fanuchi continues to make waves and solidify his place in the music industry with his distinctive and captivating musical offerings.

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