Biography of Teeroy Tyobee

Teeroy Tyobee, popularly known as TeeRoy, is a talented musician and an inspiring figure from the Tiv Nation of Benue State, Nigeria. Born to the late Comrade Timothy Wende and Victoria Wende, TeeRoy grew up as the firstborn son in a family that placed little faith in his dreams of becoming a musician, encouraging him instead to pursue a more conventional career path.

Despite these initial challenges, TeeRoy’s passion for music remained unwavering. Influenced by renowned artists such as Michael Jackson, Westlife, and Luther Vandross, he discovered his musical talents in his teens. TeeRoy started writing songs and recorded his first single, “Get There,” in 2008. This inspirational song garnered him popularity among his peers. In 2010, he was featured on the love song “Valentine Love,” which received considerable airplay and earned him his first radio interview.

TeeRoy’s love for music and entertainment extended beyond singing. He was an active member of his secondary school’s drama club, winning the award for Best Dancer in a state competition and writing, organizing, and directing drama productions. Despite his family’s lack of support, he continued to pursue his passion for music while studying sociology at the University of Mkar, a private Christian institution.

While at university, TeeRoy performed at school programs and was frequently interviewed on the school radio. He also appeared on the cover of the school magazine, University of Mkar Echo Digest. His early music pursuits took a significant turn in 2013 when he signed with Famouz 19 Records, where he co-owned and partnered in the record company. In 2014, he won the award for Best Lyrics of the Year from Settle Group Entertainment. His debut album, The Mirror, released in 2015, featured both inspirational and contemporary music.

After some initial success, TeeRoy toured Nigeria to promote his music but faced financial difficulties when the record label went broke. In 2016, he returned home to rebrand, writing school anthems and promotional songs for companies in Benue and other parts of Nigeria. He won the award for Best Inspirational Writer from Benue Industry Night in 2017 and was interviewed by Active Nigeria for his work on the “One Nigeria” project.

A major turning point in TeeRoy’s life came in December 2016 when he was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This decision inspired him to change his music style. Encouraged by missionaries, he revisited his musical aspirations and began writing songs that uplift and inspire. His first song after his conversion, “The Plan,” teaches about Heavenly Father’s Plan of Salvation. He has since performed for Young Single Adults in Nigeria and released several original songs, including “Are You There? (Heavenly Father)” in 2019 and “Different People (Hate Speech)” in 2020.

In 2022, he released “We Are,” followed by “Heaven” and “Good Old Days” in 2023. He opened 2024 with a street anthem titled “One Call,” expressing his hopes for a life-changing opportunity. TeeRoy’s music aims to heal and inspire, making him more than just an artist but an icon whose mission is to uplift souls worldwide.

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