Biography of Yungkhidzy (Martins Saater Mbashinya)

Martins Saater Mbashinya, better known by his stage name Yungkhidzy, is a promising Nigerian songwriter and singer, born on February 28, 2003, in Agher Dam, Shorov Ward of Buruku LGA, Benue State. He was raised in a loving family environment, under the guidance of his late parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mbashinya Nyikwagh.

Yungkhidzy’s journey into music began during his childhood, influenced by the songs of renowned artists such as Davido, Wizkid, OD Woods, JJ Debusta (now Boibusta), 2baba, and Timaya. This early exposure ignited his passion for music, inspiring him to pursue a career in the industry.

He received his primary and secondary education locally, graduating with a solid academic foundation while nurturing his musical talents. Currently, Yungkhidzy is pursuing higher education at the Federal University of Wukari, Taraba State, where he continues to hone his skills in both academics and music.

Throughout his career, Yungkhidzy has been prolific, recording and producing several tracks that resonate with his audience. Some of his notable songs include “Mama,” “Life After School,” “In Tears,“, “One Love,” and Ashawo ft Mafid Peazo each showcasing his unique style and lyrical prowess.

As he balances his academic pursuits with his musical ambitions, Yungkhidzy remains dedicated to making a mark in the music industry. His commitment to dropping hit after hit demonstrates his determination and passion for his craft.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow Yungkhidzy’s journey and track his progress in the ever-evolving Nigerian music scene.

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