Brief Biography of Hon. Gaga Terver Theophilus

Full Name: Gaga Terver Theophilus
Alias: Daphic
Date of Birth: February 5
Place of Birth: Mbamer Ucha, Gwer West LGA, Benue State
Parents: Late Sir Cletus Mermberga Gaga

Educational Background

Primary Education: RCM Primary School Ajebe (First School Leaving Certificate)
Secondary Education: Peace Comprehensive Academy Naka (Secondary School Education Certificate)
Higher Education: University of Abuja, Gwagwalada (BSc in Political Science)

Professional Experience

– Supervisor at Lucky Star Security Organization: 2011 – 2012
– Store Keeper at Pepsi and 7up Nigeria Limited: 2013 – 2015
– General Supervisor at Georgetown Hotel:2016 – 2022
– Current Occupation: Businessman

Social and Personal Life

– Marital Status: (kept private)
– Hobbies: Football and Music
– Personality: Friendly, passionate, non-discriminative
– Philanthropy: Actively involved in community development

Political Career

Driven by the challenges and hardships faced by society, particularly in youth empowerment and insecurity, Hon. Gaga Terver Theophilus, despite being a newcomer to politics, is dedicated to serving his people with commitment and consistency.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Address key sectors to improve the community through a seven-point agenda.

7 Point Agenda:

1. Agriculture: Prioritizing agricultural development and support.
2. Health: Improving healthcare services.
3. Security: Tackling insecurity challenges.
4. Education: Enhancing the educational sector.
5. Youth Empowerment: Promoting opportunities for the youth.
6. Infrastructure: Developing infrastructure.
7. Entertainment: Supporting the entertainment industry.


Insecurity: Providing proper solutions to security issues.
Youth Empowerment: Boosting and illuminating youth potential.
Agriculture: Facilitating agricultural productivity with necessary implements and support.
Infrastructure: Developing facilities for agricultural processing, healthcare, and more.

Hon. Gaga Terver Theophilus aims for transparency and accountability in his administration. His dedication to community development is evident, and he calls for public support to achieve his vision for a better society.

Support Message:
Join hands and support Hon. Gaga Terver Theophilus for a better and transparent administration. A vote for him is a vote for progress and integrity.

Mr. Martin Tyobunde M.S
Media Aid to Hon. Gaga Terver Theophilus

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