Ephraim Kuhe Bonezworld : Benue’s Trailblazing Blogger and Promoter

Benue State proudly boasts one of its own, Ephraim Aondohemba Kuhe, recognized far and wide as the innovative force behind As a global blogger and promoter, Kuhe has carved a niche for himself, particularly as the brain behind the #Benuemusic to the #World movement, garnering immense international attention.

Born on May 5th in Makurdi, Benue State, Kuhe hails from a family of seven. He completed his primary education at St. Catherine Primary School in 2007 and pursued computer science at St. Joseph Science and Technical College, emerging as the second overall best student in his class. His academic journey continued with a degree in Library and Information Science from Benue State University.

Kuhe’s rise to prominence in the blogging and promotion sphere is marked by his dedication and outstanding skills. His blog, Bonezworld, has become a Middle Belt sensation, attracting a substantial following. In 2021, Kuhe secured a one-year promotional deal with Daddy Sas Music Worldwide, successfully propelling the artist from obscurity to thousands of followers.

During his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) service year at the NYSC headquarters in Abuja, Kuhe demonstrated his versatility by serving as the media and stage manager for the NYSC National Band. This experience further showcased his commitment to the arts and entertainment industry.

Despite facing challenges within the entertainment industry, Kuhe, fondly known as Bonez, has triumphed by independently funding his career with the support of well-wishers. His tenacity, coupled with humility, intelligence, and a genuine passion for promoting brands, has solidified his standing as a formidable force in the blogging world.

Kuhe’s online influence extends across various platforms, where he engages with a wide audience:

– Instagram: @Bonezworldng

– Twitter: @Bonezworldng

– Facebook: Bonezworld Plug

– Contact: +2348163828930

– Email:

Ephraim Aondohemba Kuhe’s journey from grassroots to prominence is an inspiring narrative of passion, resilience, and dedication. As Bonezworld continues to leave an indelible mark in the blogging and promotion landscape, Kuhe stands as a testament to the creative potential within Benue State and the broader Nigerian entertainment industry.

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