Nice-P – Biography, Real Name & Everything You Need To Know About Him

Aondowase Chiater Peter, also known as Nice-P, is a versatile Nigerian content creator, kids director, and entertainer with a strong affinity for Manchester United and C Ronaldo. Hailing from Shangev Tiev, Konshisha in Benue State, Nice-P’s journey reflects his commitment to the world of entertainment.

His educational journey includes primary schooling at City Model Nursery and Primary School Korinya City, followed by secondary education at Nkst Secondary School Korinya City and City Quality Courage Tse Agberagba, both in Konshisha. Despite his ongoing pursuit of education, Nice-P has actively engaged in directing numerous kids’ projects for Infinity Smile Entertainment, YTG Entertainment, Jaa Tyave Entertainment, and more.

Nice-P has had the privilege of collaborating with distinguished artists such as Lady Pesh, Talex Boy, Egyptian Cairo, Mr. Chorko, Sir Wax, Sasa, Naijahotvibez boss (Tswancy), among others.

His passion for entertainment is evident in his efforts to elevate Konshisha Entertainment and contribute to the broader entertainment landscape in Benue State.

As a content creator and director of props, Nice-P is actively creating a significant impact. While single, he remains dedicated to his craft and proudly represents Konshisha, Benue, and Tiv heritage. Stay tuned for updates on Nice-P’s continued journey in the industry.

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