Ro Dice – Biography, Age, Education, Songs and Awards

Ro Dice, born Benjamin Alexander Terna, is a highly talented Nigerian singer and songwriter originating from Vandeikya in Benue state. Born on May 4, Ro Dice exhibited a natural inclination towards creating music from a young age, often writing lyrics and composing freestyles.

Facing the challenge of age restrictions on social media during his early years, Ro Dice eventually seized the opportunity to share his musical talent with the world as he grew older. His freestyle videos, available on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, showcase his evolving artistry.



Throughout his career, Ro Dice has collaborated with esteemed personalities in the music industry, including artists like Small Motors and Mic9ja (Terxzy). Known for his unique style and captivating vocals, he has become a sought-after artist for features on various tracks.

Fans eagerly anticipated Ro Dice’s first single, “Bad Girl,” which marked a significant milestone in his music career, highlighting his immense talent and songwriting capabilities. With his dedication and undeniable musical prowess, Ro Dice is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry.

In terms of education, Benjamin Alexander attended Just Crown Nursery and Primary School in Abuja before transferring to Middle Belt Academy Nursery and Primary School in Vandeikya during primary 4. He achieved his first Living School Certificate at this school. Subsequently, he attended Ubagidi Memorial College in Vandeikya, obtaining his O Level Certificate.

Ro Dice has earned the title of Best Artist of the Year at the Vandeikya Achievers Award, having two singles to his name along with featured collaborations. Accessing Ro Dice’s music is made simple through various streaming platforms, and all of his songs are available for free download on our platform.

1. Ro Dice – Bad Girl

2. Ro Dice – Abena 

You can connect with Ro Dice on social media:

– Instagram: @_Rodice

– Facebook: Ro Dice

– TikTok: ro Dice

For any inquiries, questions, or reports about this biography, you can contact via WhatsApp or call: +2349115916970.

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