Starrking Biography

Ikpum Terhemba Reuben, professionally known as Starrking, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter born on June 3, 1996. Hailing from Gwer West LGA of Benue State, he has made a mark in the music industry as a Lagos-based artist. Starrking initiated his music journey at Cyber Recording Studio, where he recorded his debut reggae track titled “Monica Benita,” produced by DJ Paddy com.

Starrking’s influence extends to the forefront of the modern-day Afrobeat music scene, and he is recognized as one of the most significant and influential Afrobeat artists in Africa. His musical journey commenced at the age of 15, and he marked his early career with the release of his first album, featuring twelve tracks under the Glorious record label.


The artist, previously known as Ruby Wise, gained prominence after signing a record deal with Starkings Entertainment. His debut studio album, “Party” (2022), introduced notable singles like “No Dull,” “Chuku,” and “Ghetto Life,” showcasing his versatility and contribution to the vibrant Afrobeat genre.

As Starrking continues to make strides in the music industry, his distinctive style and impactful releases contribute to his status as a prominent figure in the contemporary African music scene. Keep an eye out for more updates on Starrking’s musical journey and future releases.


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