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Doyin David Advises Women: Men Are Not Obligated to Cover Your Expenses

Reality sensation Doyin David has stirred up a significant conversation with her recent advice to women regarding financial expectations in relationships. Addressing the issue through her Instagram story, Doyin emphasized that men are not obligated to cover their partners’ expenses until marriage, framing such financial support as acts of generosity rather than obligations.

Doyin’s advice came in response to a female fan who sought her counsel after being called “stingy” by her boyfriend for not giving her money randomly. Sharing the fan’s message, Doyin wrote: “I don’t think he’s stingy because he doesn’t randomly give you money. If you have a man that gives to you when you ask, then you’re lucky to have a responsible man, but he doesn’t owe you random money just because you are his girlfriend.”

Doyin stressed that any financial support a man provides in a relationship before marriage is purely out of kindness. She highlighted the importance of not feeling entitled to a partner’s money, stating, “Until a man has married you, he is not obligated to be responsible for you. Whatever he does is out of the generosity of his heart, but you should never feel entitled to his money.”

Further reinforcing her point, Doyin urged women not to be deceived by societal expectations or pressures seen on the internet. She pointed out that it is nice to have a generous partner, but it should not be viewed as a right. “There is nothing genetically programmed in a man that makes it easier for him to make money than a woman. It’s not easy to make money, so no one wants to keep spending ‘randomly’. If you need random money, please get a job.”

Doyin’s advice reflects a call for a shift in mindset among women, encouraging financial independence and reducing reliance on their partners for financial support. By advocating for women to wait until marriage before expecting their partners to cover their expenses, she promotes a more balanced and self-sufficient approach to relationships.

This bold stance by Doyin David is bound to spark further discussions on the dynamics of financial responsibility and generosity within relationships, highlighting the importance of mutual respect and understanding in modern partnerships.

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