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Nathaniel Bassey reacts after MC used his name to prank audience at event

Gospel musician Nathaniel Bassey recently found himself at the center of an elaborate prank when an MC used his name to playfully deceive an audience at an event. The video, shared on Nathaniel Bassey’s Instagram page, captured the reactions of the unsuspecting crowd as they were led to believe that the renowned gospel singer was present at the gathering.

The MC initially sparked excitement by announcing that Nathaniel Bassey had been flown in to perform at the event. This news prompted the audience to eagerly anticipate the singer’s arrival, with everyone standing up in anticipation. To enhance the prank, the DJ even played one of Nathaniel Bassey’s tunes, heightening the suspense.

However, the joyous atmosphere took a turn when the MC revealed that it was all a prank and questioned why the audience expected Nathaniel Bassey without compensating him for an appearance. The video humorously captured the disappointment on the faces of the deceived crowd.

Nathaniel Bassey responded to the video on his Instagram, acknowledging the prank as an “expensive joke.” Despite the playful nature of the prank, Nathaniel Bassey hinted that he might have a surprise in store for the audience, leaving them genuinely pleased in the future.

In his response, Nathaniel Bassey expressed his anticipation of surprising the audience positively, adding a touch of mystery to his message. The post showcased Nathaniel Bassey’s good-natured spirit in taking the prank in stride and promising a delightful surprise for his fans.

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