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Malex Betaboi Express his thoughts on the state of the music industry in Benue State.

Malex Betaboi, a prominent figure in the Benue music scene, recently took to Facebook to express his thoughts on the state of the music industry in Benue State.

In his heartfelt message, Malex highlighted the abundance of creative talent in Benue, referring to it as the “home of creative talents.” However, he lamented the lack of success among local artists and questioned whether this was due to laziness. Malex emphasized that even the few successful entertainers in Benue understand the limitations of focusing solely on the local audience.

He raised concerns about the overwhelming support for outside talents over homegrown artists, urging for a shift in focus towards promoting local talent. Malex questioned the sustainability of relying on external artists for relevance and emphasized the need for a supportive industry structure in Benue. He called on event planners, bloggers, award organizers, and content creators to prioritize homegrown talent and foster a sense of patriotism within the local entertainment industry.

Malex’s passionate plea for change resonated with many, as he highlighted the importance of investing in and supporting Benue’s emerging artists. He concluded his message with a call to action for the new generation to come together and address the challenges facing the Benue music scene.

Malex’s words serve as a rallying cry for unity and collaboration within the Benue entertainment industry, urging stakeholders to work together to uplift and promote local talent. His message underscores the potential of Benue’s creative community and the importance of nurturing homegrown talent for sustainable growth and success.

Let’s heed Malex’s call and strive to create a thriving music industry in Benue that celebrates and supports its own. Together, we can build a brighter future for Benue’s music scene.

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