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Rema Reflects on His Journey from Nightclubs to Afrobeat Stardom with Don Jazzy’s Mentorship

In a heartfelt reflection, Rema, the breakout Afrobeat sensation, reminisced about his humble beginnings and the pivotal role played by Don Jazzy in his journey to stardom.

Years ago, Rema was just a young boy, navigating the nightclubs of Benin State, pleading with bar owners for a chance to perform. Despite facing rejection, he remained determined to showcase his talent, turning to Instagram to share his freestyle videos.

It was through one of these Instagram posts that Rema caught the attention of none other than Don Jazzy. Initially skeptical of the messages from what he thought was a fake profile, Rema was astonished when Don Jazzy reached out again, expressing genuine interest in his talent.

Don Jazzy’s invitation to meet in Lagos was a turning point for Rema. Despite being based in Benin, Don Jazzy promptly sent him money for a flight to Lagos, demonstrating his unwavering belief in Rema’s potential.

This encounter marked the beginning of a life-changing journey for Rema. Under Don Jazzy’s mentorship, he honed his craft and navigated the music industry with guidance from one of its most esteemed figures.

Today, Rema stands as one of the biggest Afrobeat artists globally, a testament to his talent, resilience, and the transformative impact of Don Jazzy’s mentorship.

For Rema, Don Jazzy will forever be a figure worthy of respect and gratitude, as he credits him with changing his life and paving the way for his unprecedented success in the music industry.

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