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Slikish Hints at Two New Songs Featuring Zlatan and Maleeq Souls

Nigerian music sensation Slikish is stirring up excitement with a cryptic Facebook post announcing imminent musical collaborations. Fans are buzzing with anticipation after the artist, known for his engaging performances, shared:

“New music soon!

Slikish X Maleeq Souls

Slikish X Zlatan

Stay tuned 🔥”

This announcement comes hot on the heels of his latest release, “Must,” featuring Platform. Slikish, whose real name is Peter Aondohemba Emberga, is taking the opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to his loyal fan base. Slikish hinted at some startling revelations, adding an air of mystery and concern.

Slikish has steadily carved out a niche in the music industry, earning a dedicated following that extends far beyond his native Benue. His unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds has resonated with fans, solidifying his place as a dynamic and influential artist in Nigeria’s vibrant music scene.

From the pulsating rhythms of “Kempeless” to the soulful “Yodi” featuring Maleeq Souls, Slikish’s music showcases his versatility. His debut EP, “Benue To Lagos,” shows his collaborative spirit, featuring notable artists like Rekizz, Maleeq Souls, and BoiBusta. Each track reflects his commitment to exploring different musical landscapes while staying true to his roots.

The upcoming collaborations with Maleeq Souls and Zlatan promise to be game-changers, blending Slikish’s distinct style with the unique flavors of his collaborators. Maleeq Souls, with his soulful vibes, and Zlatan, known for his energetic Afrobeat prowess, are sure to bring new dimensions to Slikish’s music.

As Slikish continues to break new ground, fans eagerly await what’s next. His ability to surprise and innovate keeps his audience hooked, and his latest Facebook post is a clear sign that more musical adventures are on the horizon.

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