Omo Junction – Chop Life

Introducing a musical masterpiece by the talented Tisane Joseph Yashim, formerly known as Tee_Young, and now celebrated as Omo Junction Official Artist. Hailing from Kagoro, Kaduna State, his musical journey dates back to 1997, a testament to years of dedication and passion.

The evolution from Tee_Young to Omo Junction Official Artist is a captivating narrative, marked by the release of his first track “Shake Aquarty” in 2013, featuring King Kboi. This transition was a pivotal moment that paved the way for Tisane Joseph Yashim’s recognition and fame, particularly with the track “Chop Life” becoming a sensation in town.

In the tapestry of his musical identity, Tisane Joseph Yashim has etched a unique path, using his platform to share stories rooted in his experiences. The mention of his record label, Sinner Ghost, adds an intriguing layer to his artistic journey.

This song, with its roots deep in Kaduna, is a testament to Tisane Joseph Yashim’s musical prowess and commitment to his craft. Expect a fusion of heartfelt lyrics, rhythmic beats, and a narrative that resonates with the essence of his journey. Tisane Joseph Yashim invites you to join him on this musical odyssey, where every note tells a story, and every beat is a heartbeat in the rhythm of life.

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