Breaking: VeryDarkMan lands in trouble, arrested by Police again

Martins Vincent Otse, popularly known as VeryDarkMan (VDM), has been re-arrested by the Nigerian Police Force. The arrest took place on Sunday in Abuja.

The news of his arrest was shared by his lawyer and renowned Nigerian human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju. Adeyanju revealed that the arrest was carried out on the orders of CP Igwe.

He stated,

“Our client, @thatverydarkman, has just been arrested by the police on the instruction of CP Igwe for exposing someone who allegedly duped a Nigerian abroad. Instead of the police arresting the person alleged to have committed the fraud, they arrested VDM on the allegation of defamation.”


This incident is not the first time VeryDarkMan has found himself in trouble with the law. Known for his outspoken nature and activism, he has previously faced legal issues for his efforts to expose corruption and malpractice. His current arrest has sparked significant outrage and concern among his supporters and human rights advocates.

The re-arrest of VeryDarkMan has raised questions about the priorities and actions of the Nigerian Police Force. Critics argue that the focus should be on investigating the allegations of fraud rather than silencing those who bring such issues to light. This situation underscores ongoing concerns about freedom of speech and the treatment of activists in Nigeria.

What’s Next?

Supporters of VeryDarkMan and human rights activists are calling for his immediate release and a thorough investigation into the fraud allegations he exposed. The situation remains fluid, and updates are expected as more information becomes available.

Stay tuned for further developments on this breaking story.

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