Car Accident Involving Benue State Rapper Egyptian Cairo Leaves Minor Injuries

Benue State rapper Egyptian Cairo was involved in a car accident near the Bio Tech Company on the Makurdi-Gboko road, leaving him with minor injuries. The incident occurred when his vehicle collided with another car, resulting in a harrowing experience for all involved.

Following the accident, Benue Newspoint shared a post on Facebook urging the community to pray for Egyptian Cairo, highlighting the severity of the incident. The post read, “Pray for Egyptian Cairo. Accident reported near Bio Tech Company on the Makurdi-Gboko road. Our Benue rapper Egyptian Cairo is also a victim. He was the one we celebrated yesterday on the occasion of his birthday. Wishing you a quick recovery, sir. 🙏 The devil is a liar.”

Despite the alarming nature of the accident, Egyptian Cairo fortunately sustained only minor injuries. This news brings relief to his fans and well-wishers who were concerned for his well-being. As more details about the incident emerge, the community remains hopeful for his swift recovery.

Stay tuned for further updates on Egyptian Cairo’s condition and the circumstances surrounding the accident.

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