“How Slapping a DJ Affected My Career” – Terry G Opens Up on His Career Setback

Nigerian singer Gabriel Oche Amanyi, widely known as Terry G, has recently opened up about a controversial incident that significantly impacted his career. The event, which took place on June 5, 2016, in Lagos, involved a physical altercation with DJ Phreez, a protégé of the renowned DJ Jimmy Jatt.

The trouble started during an event where Terry G was performing. DJ Phreez, aiming to signal the end of Terry G’s performance, played another artist’s track. This decision did not sit well with Terry G, leading to a physical confrontation between the artist and the DJ. The altercation sparked widespread controversy within Nigeria’s music industry.

The fallout from the incident was swift and severe. The DJs Association of Nigeria (DJAN) responded by blacklisting Terry G, effectively cutting him off from crucial support within the music community. This blacklist meant that Terry G’s music was less likely to be played by DJs at events and on the radio, severely limiting his reach and audience engagement.

In a candid interview on the Afrobeats Podcast, Terry G reflected on the incident and its repercussions. He acknowledged the significant setback it caused in his career, hindering his progress and growth as an artist. The singer expressed deep regret for his actions, highlighting that he has since taken steps to make amends.

Terry G revealed that he has apologized to both DJ Phreez and DJ Jimmy Jatt, seeking to reconcile and heal the fractured relationships. He emphasized the importance of these apologies in his journey towards personal and professional redemption.

The incident with DJ Phreez serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance within the music industry and the potential long-term effects of momentary lapses in judgment. Terry G’s experience underscores the importance of maintaining professionalism and resolving conflicts amicably.

As Terry G continues to navigate his career, his candid reflections and efforts to make amends illustrate his commitment to growth and resilience. Fans and industry peers alike can hope that these steps will pave the way for renewed success and positive collaborations in the future.

Terry G’s openness about the incident and its impact on his career sheds light on the challenges artists can face in the highly competitive and interconnected world of music. His story is a testament to the power of accountability and the potential for recovery through genuine efforts to make things right. As he moves forward, Terry G’s journey will undoubtedly continue to inspire and caution artists navigating their own paths in the music industry.

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