Mother of Four Hacked to Death While Separating Fight in Edo State

In a tragic incident in Edo State, Mrs. Nata Igbinovia, a mother of four, was hacked to death by a neighbour and his son while attempting to separate a fight. The incident occurred in the Okpagha-Ewuare community on the outskirts of Benin City.

According to reports, the suspect, identified as Ayo Mr. Philip, has been arrested by the State Police Command, and an investigation into the murder case is underway. The altercation escalated when the suspects attacked Mrs. Igbinovia with a knife and an axe while she was intervening in a dispute between her nephew and the neighbours.

Mrs. Igbinovia’s daughter, Patience, recounted how her mother was injured while trying to prevent the suspect from stabbing her cousin. Despite her efforts, the suspects continued their assault, resulting in fatal injuries to Mrs. Igbinovia. The suspects fled the scene before help could arrive, leaving the victim unconscious on the ground.

Local authorities have visited the scene and initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the killing. The tragic incident has shocked the community, prompting calls for justice and increased vigilance to prevent such violence in the future.

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