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OD Woods Cherishes Unforgettable Moment of Honor from Governor Alia

OD Woods, in a moment of pride and gratitude, shared an unforgettable experience where the executive Governor of Benue state, His Excellency Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, publicly mentioned and commended the OD Woods brand, “MADE IN BENUE,” during a speech on national television. This significant recognition occurred in the presence of Vice President Shetima, further amplifying the honor.

Expressing his sentiments, OD Woods conveyed that the Governor’s mention and commendation serve as a powerful boost not only for himself but for every youth striving to achieve their dreams. The acknowledgment on a national platform becomes a source of inspiration and encouragement, reaffirming the belief in the potential and impact of the OD Woods brand.

Rev Fr. Hychianth Iornem Alia – Executive Governor Of Benue State.

The Governor’s acknowledgment of the “MADE IN BENUE” brand reflects a shared commitment to promoting and supporting local talent and products. OD Woods takes pride in contributing to the representation of Benue on a national scale, and the Governor’s recognition serves as a testament to the value of homegrown initiatives.

In concluding his statement, OD Woods expressed sincere appreciation to Governor Fr. Hyacinth Alia for the recognition and encouragement. The Governor’s support is seen as a catalyst for the continued dedication and hard work of OD Woods and other aspiring youths in Benue.

OD Woods’ experience highlights the impact of acknowledgment and support from influential figures on the aspirations of the youth. The Governor’s mention becomes not only a recognition of individual efforts but also an inspiration for others to believe in their dreams and work towards achieving them.

OD Woods’ journey, marked by the honorable mention from Governor Alia, showcases the significance of recognizing and uplifting local talents. As the MADE IN BENUE brand gains national attention, it becomes a symbol of pride for the region and a source of motivation for aspiring youths. The acknowledgment on a national platform serves as a reminder of the potential and impact that homegrown initiatives can have on a broader scale.


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