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Orngu Anngu Discusses “No Gree For Anybody” on Radio Benue 95.0 FM

Orngu Anngu, the former Senior Special Assistant to the governor of Benue State For Students Affairs, took to Radio Benue 95.0 FM to engage in a lively discussion with Comr Terseer Mzuuga and Henry Ipole. The focus of the conversation was the popular social theme for 2024: “NO GREE FOR ANYBODY.

Orngu Anngu shared his perspective on the theme during the radio session, emphasizing that “No Gree For Anybody” revolves around determination and staying focused on achieving goals for 2024. He encouraged listeners to resist negative influences and circumstances that might hinder their self-esteem and potential.

Highlighting the theme’s essence, Anngu underscored the importance of doggedness and perseverance in the face of challenges. Drawing inspiration from the biblical account of Blind Bartimaeus, he urged individuals not to allow external pressures to silence their aspirations. The message resonated with the idea that the more challenges arise, the louder one should cry out for their “miracle.”

During the radio session, Orngu Anngu had the honor of meeting Comrade Terseer Mzuuga, the General Manager of Radio Benue. Congratulating Mzuuga on his appointment, Anngu acknowledged the significance of the media in shaping social themes and public discourse.

Orngu Anngu extended the “NO GREE FOR ANYBODY” sentiment to political leaders, specifically addressing President Tinubu and Governor Alia. He urged them not to yield to detractors and to remain resolute in providing Nigerians with dividends of democracy and good governance.

In his post on Facebook, Anngu commended the radio hosts, Henry Ipole and Stephanie, referring to them as the “Radio Jagaban.” He expressed appreciation for their incredible hosting during the session.

Orngu Anngu’s participation in the radio discussion provided a platform to inspire and motivate listeners with the theme “No Gree For Anybody.” The emphasis on determination, perseverance, and resisting negative influences echoes a universal message of resilience in the pursuit of personal and collective goals.

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