Prophet Ayem Apologizes to Tiv Nation for Walking on Traditional Attire

Sensational and controversial social media Pastor, His Excellency Senior Pastor, Prophet, Saint Treasure Ayem, the General Overseer of “Christ the Light Evangelical Outreach of All Nation,” has issued an apology to the Tiv traditional council and the entire Tiv Nation. This comes after an incident where the prophet was seen walking on the black and white striped attire that symbolizes the Tiv people worldwide, a display that was posted on Facebook.

The incident sparked outrage among Tiv netizens, who condemned the prophet’s actions as not only shameful but also a sacrilege against the Tiv culture, of which he is a part. In response to the backlash and recognizing the gravity of his actions, Prophet Ayem tendered an unreserved apology in a solemn manner, seen on his knees in a video currently circulating on social media.

Prophet Ayem’s rise to social media fame has been marked by his claimed miraculous displays and the confiscation of fetish objects from his followers, which he often sets ablaze in videos posted on his official social media handles. His unconventional and bizarre outfits also contribute to his notoriety.

Key Points:

– Incident: Prophet Ayem walked on Tiv traditional attire, causing outrage.

– Outrage: Tiv netizens viewed the act as a sacrilege.

– Apology: Prophet Ayem issued a public, heartfelt apology on social media.

– Background: Known for miraculous displays and unconventional outfits.


Apology Statement

 “I deeply regret my actions and the offense they caused to the Tiv Nation. I acknowledge the significance of our traditional attire and the respect it commands. My intention was never to disrespect my people, and I am sincerely sorry for the pain and disappointment I have caused. To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

Prophet Ayem’s apology seeks to mend the rift caused by his actions and restore respect within the Tiv community. His public remorse and acknowledgment of the cultural significance of the Tiv attire are steps towards reconciliation.

The incident underscores the importance of cultural sensitivity and respect for traditional symbols. Prophet Ayem’s apology is a reminder of the need for public figures to be mindful of their actions and their impact on the communities they represent.


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